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In this demanding world of change, as organizations grow, they lose track of the real needs for transformation. Ostuma Consulting will help your company in..

Strategy Consulting

Faced with disruptive markets, we support the definition of a new strategy generating value through innovation.

Continuous process improvement

\We recommend a continuous improvement plan with the best practices of the corresponding industry.

Operations Consultancy

Improvemanagement of operational processes using modern tools that reduce costs by eliminating waste, bottlenecks and variability.

Professional Training

Transmit the knowledge and skills that support cultural change, for the alignment of employees with the company's strategy.

Consulting in human talent

We support the implementation of the necessary processes to attract, recruit, onboard, develop, retain and terminate.

Consulting in quality of management systems

We diagnose the current quality and/or safety systems to quantify the gap between the current state and the desired one.

Why Choose Us?

At Ostuma Consulting we aim to help our clients prosper. We use Lean Thinking as a fundamental guiding concept. We are inspired by the Toyota Management System.

In our 15 years of experience, we have served organizations of many industries like:

    • Tabacco
    • Finance
    • Technology
    • Retail
    • Rental

We have helped 20+ clients to improve their processes, launch technology platforms, introduce line of products, and much more. 

We are experts in BPMN (ISO-19510), theory of constrains, problem resolutions, BPM,  Lean Methodologies and More!

We have developed our own diagnostic method. It has proven to be an effective and fast method to evaluate competitive advantages and disadvantages.

We have helped with companies in all continents of the world. We are 100% qualified to meet your needs wherever in the world you need us!

What have we done?

In Ostuma Consulting we have many accomplishments like:

Satisfied Clients
Projects Completed
Years of Experience
Hard Workers


Ostuma Consulting's consultancies generated excellent results ... based on Lean Thinking and world-class strategic models, we developed our long-term corporate strategy to achieve success, regardless of the continuous disruptions of our changing environment.
Financiera Fundeser
Founder and CEO
Ostuma Consulting gave us the best process consulting we have received in more than 15 years. Not only does he know about processes, but he also has a lot of knowledge of business, human relations and how they should work together to be more efficient and profitable.
Software and Consulting Group
The consulting we did with Ostuma at Plasencia Cigars helped us a lot to improve all our production processes... We improved the processes from the reception of tobacco from the farms to the manufacture and packaging of the finished cigars...
Plasencia Cigars
With the certification provided by Ostuma Consulting, we have successfully implemented and introduced the culture of Lean Manufacturing into the DNA of our operations, achieving the development of new and improved practices focused on waste minimization and the optimization of key aspects in our production processes, such as product quality and inventory control.
STG logo
Scandinavian Tobaco Group
Gte. Manufactura
Ostuma Consulting allowed us to better identify and understand the complexities of our production processes, and with it, implement high-value improvements. In particular, the documentation of our processes allowed us to carry out a world-class technological implementation.
Joya de Nicaragua
Ostuma Consulting allowed Químicas Veterinarias to be aware of the importance, components and level of incidence of the process as part of the work culture. It facilitated the identification of improvement opportunities aimed at living the integration of areas, creating an ideal work flow...
Owner and CEO
They taught us and jointly implemented the BOS and BOM in processes that urgently required control of the costs of services and manufacturing ... Contributing effectively to continuous improvement of our processes and total customer satisfaction.
Founder and CEO

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Norlan Gomez

Chief Operating Officer

Jessica Blandón

Chief Marketing Officer

Geovani Orozco

Chief Financial Officer

MIlton Arguello

Chief Human Talent Management

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