Enterprise and Business Process Architecture

The current world economic realities and technological innovations drive organizational change due to the depletion of existing models and the creation of instantaneous obsolescence's. When this happens, change clashes with the organizational structures where current cultural patterns want continuity and manifest themselves in several ways, primarily in the resistance to change, rigidity of actions and crystallization of processes. In these new realities, constant change and inertia interact and coexist. Using Business Process Management Methodology (BPM), Ostuma Consulting can design your new operational model and help you discover, design, display, perform, interact, operate, optimize and analyze all business processes at the business design level so your enterprise can achieve new levels of optimal performance. Has your company experienced organically growth at a very fast pace? Has your organization purchased or merged with other companies and due to it's inorganically growth is now full of redundant processes, organizational structures and systems? Using BPM, Ostuma Consulting will help your organize the modeling, automation, management and optimization of your business processes to increase profitability. Due to Ostuma Consulting experience in agro-industry companies, using BPM we will help you maximize your productivity and effectiveness of your industry Supply Chain Management Processes and Value Chain Management Processes (planning, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution).