Is your constituency asking for results? Are your citizens happy with the services you provide? Are services rendered in a timely and efficient manner? Are you using technology to leverage your campaign promises? Ostuma Consulting can help you identify those areas where technology will make a profound impact on citizens' services. We will help you increase efficiency and reduce transactional costs through the simplification of bureaucratic procedures. We will provide advice for the improvement of governmental operations so they can be effective in the advance of national goals of development through the use of Information and Communications Technologies. Though his advice you will be able to strengthen the process of policy formulation in regards to e-Government and guide you through its subsequent coordination for its implementation. We will also provide you with advice in the development of the information society through ICT tools that facilitate the diffusion of information and knowledge. Through our advice you will be able to promote citizens participation along with civil society organizations, the private sector and the government in the formulation of policies and the generation of public services. By doing all of this you will drive your country economic and social development by improving the business environment that will invite national and international investments and improve your competitiveness by focusing on the welfare of your people.